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Default my new HD-A1 but I have a few questions....

I just recently bought a Toshiba HD-A1 hd dvd player with remote for $5 with 20% off (total of $4.22 with taxes) at a resale shop. Before buying it I powered it on and tested it with both a cd and a regular dvd (didnt have any hd dvds there or with me to test). The player did recognize both discs. I'm trying to find out what firmware it has but it seems it doesn't have a menu to go to. If I start the player up with no disc in it, it just shows "no disc" on the screen. The remote doesn't have any buttons on it to go to a menu of the player either. Does anyone know how to find the firmware on a HD-A1 player? I'm also trying to find an iso of the 4.0 firmware for this player. Every download I have seen is either down or is corrupted when downloaded. Any help would be grateful. Thanks in advance.
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