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What is HD?

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Default looking for a specific shuffle ability.

I tried searching the net the past few weeks for MP3 players.
the search was with variations of the words: shuffle, ranromize, reorder, relist, renumber and a few others i can't seem to recall now.
can't seem to find what i am looking for either i am bad as searching or it doesn't exist. i am asking on forums as a final try (cry?) for help.

i am looking for an mp3 player for.. well, mp3 files but with specific abilities.
1) something that can hold 128gb (either built in or by card doesn't matter, and preferably 256gb)

2) must have a specific shuffle ability. when players shuffle they usually jump from song to song in a random order. i want a player that every time i click the option to suffle it reorganizes the entire list in a new order so i see it in front of me in a a new order. if its also numbered then it would be perfect (because if i heard song 34 to 38 an hour ago and suddenly want to hear them again i could go back without messing the randomized list hear them then go back to where i stopped.
i am not sure i explained it right but i hope i did.

so is something like this out there?
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