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Originally Posted by Rick-F View Post
I have a 65" LG OLED (2017 model) and I have not seen any sign of any burn-in ever.

The LG OLED replaced a plasma-- and I was just a bit concerned the picture would not be as good as the plasma. I so pleased that it was actually BETTER. I actually changed to the OLED for the sound processing. New TV, new Denon receiver, and nine new speakers. While the picture is amazing-- the sound (with a suitable source) is my favorite thing about the new set up. The Dolby ATMOS & DTS:X are great (just not enough content yet).
Then how do you account for a lot of owners having this problem. Why would they lie about it.. And why would LG put that feature to get rid of image retention ? To me it's a red flag.And why doesn't LG cover it in there warranty. doesn't that seem strange? . Also reported again by owners of black crush and ABL issues. The usual comments by owners that say they have no issues is shame the user, you must be doing something wrong. The reports i have seen from honest ,not paid reviewers that own an oled is , burn in happens, will happen and until LG fixes the problem (which they won't) stay away from oleds. The message is out there and gaining .If I was an oled owner I would not defend oleds I'D be pissed. That's a lot of money to most to end up with a door stop, because if that ends up happening ,you could replace the panel, but that would cost more then the whole tv. There is a fanboy thing happening with the oled crowd,and I get that, but look just because it hasn't happened to you doesn't mean it hasn't happened to others.Burn in is a real thing. Let me put it this way, I don't have cancer today , but by next week I could have it.You can always tell when if something out there is close to an oled or better ,because I watch shoot offs and it's always oled vs qled and oled always wins. Theres a reason many companies refuse to make an oled tv, maybe they know more then we do.
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