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Originally Posted by ImRizzo View Post
oI have not experienced any 'burn-in' with my LG and it runs all day(12 hrs) hope this helps.
BTW to appreciate tru 4K you need a 4k player
Your one of the lucky ones ,even LG admits they knew it's a problem ,however it's not covered under there warranty. There are a number of reports out there with owners with this issue. And have seen it myself. The way you check is to view a white, blue or red solid screen. if you get it ,it will show. My point is not to upset the owner of a OLED display. Just a buyers beware because when a company won't cover there product under a warranty in this case burn in that's a big red flag for me. I really wanted one of these TV ,however I can't justify the money and have to baby a TV like this ,just to risking. Like I said your one lucky guy.
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