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Originally Posted by tvine2000 View Post
I'd like to get one ,but the burn in issue is still happening according to owners. This issue shows up on LG'S ,not sure about Sony. According to LG owners this is an issue LG knew about yet went ahead and put them on the market anyways. I remember Plasma's had this issue ,but before they went out the problem was solved ,so why wouldn't LG use this solution and fix there OLEDS.? That's a lot cash to put out and find this out. And lets face it the retail loops always look great ,better then great on a Oled ,yet get them home and there only as great as the source.
oI have not experienced any 'burn-in' with my LG and it runs all day(12 hrs) hope this helps.
BTW to appreciate tru 4K you need a 4k player

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