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What is HD?

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Default 3 tv setup in one room, how to best hook up to one receiver

I have 3 tvís in one room. Currently only one goes through my receiver, when watching multiple games(like nfl Sunday ticket) I use each tvís remote to mute and switch audio. But since 2 are not hooked through the receiver I donít get to use the my Speakers for 2 of the tvís, just the tv speakers. I want to have the video on all 3 tvís and switch the input on the receiver to change between each tvís audio. Only thing I could think of doing is getting 3 hdmi splitters , one for each directv box sending one to each tv and one to the receiver. On the main tv that uses my receivers hdmi out to the tvís hdmi 1. I would have to switch the tvís input to hdmi 2 so that when I switch sources I donít lose the video from that box and go back to hdmi 1 when I want to use the other sources connected to the receiver like my ps4. That would also allow me to watch the tv and use another source like the home team radio broadcast of the game.But I am not sure if that would work or is the best way to do it and I was thinking that could cause a lag in the audio. Suggestions?
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