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Default Return or not? 3D problem

I just bought a Sony XBR65Z9D, but bought it mostly for the fact it's one of the last 3D TVs available, new in box.

I am having an intermittent and hard to reproduce problem. 3D works fine, or it doesn't. When it doesn't, the upper half of the movie is distorted and has a black band of discoloration and the active glasses "shutter" is seen but is as slow as a heart beat. It's only the upper half of the screen and holding power button om the remote and doing a complete system restart corrects the problem. I've tried two different brands of glasses, it's definitely the TV doing this. Could it just be a bug in the Android TV 3D settings or could it be an LED strip going bad or board and I should exchange it? I'm still within Best Buys 15 days
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