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My experience back in 2011, was the picture was more distinct/clear than DTV in our area. That was after I saw my son's having U-Verse at the time. In 2015, I upgraded my Denon Receiver and has HDMI 4K upscaling, which does WORK, from ATT's 1080i feed. It is tied in with the TCL 55P605 TV, that I purchased in 2017.

I'm sure they have sent up better technology Satellites since 2011 for DTV with improved dishes.
U-verse has been real flexible in working with me to maintain the same rate for about 4 years. When came time to renegotiate last year, they were able to reduce my rate by $20.00 a month and are holding the price for 2 years for the same U450 coverage.

That is my experience with ATT.

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