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Default Attaching old turntable to new Denon AVR-X1400H

Hello, I am new here. I just got finished working with Denon tech support (855-693-3666) to attach an old Denon DP-7F direct drive turntable to my new AVR-X1400H. The turntable has only RCA ports while the AVR-X1400H likes doing business through HDMI when it can, although it also has RCA ports. I just thought I'd pass along what I learned so that others might take advantage of my experience.

I knew the turntable would need a pre-amp in order to attach to the X1400H receiver. I bought a DJPRE II pre-amp from Amazon. I should have purchased new RCA cables as well but decided to use cables I had stashed away.

I attached the cables from the turntable to the pre-amp and then from the pre-amp to the Audio-In (Assignable) #2 Media Player ports on the back of my receiver. These are analog ports of course. Thought I'd be in business but I was wrong. No sound. Worked on it for a while without success and then called Denon.

We went through several troubleshooting steps. First we had to make sure the RCA ports were setup correctly. Using the Denon remote control, he had me use SETUP to get to menu options on the Denon. I then had to choose INPUTS and then INPUT ASSIGN. This brought me to a dialog box for assigning inputs to functions. In my case I needed to assign input 2, of the MEDIA PLAYER section, to the box in the analog column. I was shown how to set this by going to that matrix box and selecting it and then putting a 1 or 2 in the box. But, since this was a brand new system, I just used the arrows on the remote control to take me to the top column so that I could RESET DEFAULTS. I allowed the system to reset all input assignments. After that step, many of the Input Assign boxes were now populated, including a "2" where I needed it. All good so far.

Unfortunately, still no sound. I did make sure that the receiver was tuned to Media Player as that is the only way the turntable could access the speakers through the receiver. Did a few more troubleshooting steps. Finally decided that the RCA cables might be bad. I found another set, implemented them, and finally had sound. Yes, I should have bought new RCA cables when I bought the pre-amp!

I hope others trying to make use of older devices on newer receivers will have an easier time of it by following my steps above.
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