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Originally Posted by rserkes View Post
I recorded those games with no trouble whatsoever. And when I set them up to record I also added 60 minutes because we all know sporting events don't end on time.

I live near Port Angeles, WA so I'm not in the Seattle metro area but my
The 2 games that didn't record were set to record multiple future games. Next week is the bye week so I won't be able to tell if setting up for a single record only, corrects the problem.

As I said in the original post above, I was able to record other NFL games on other networks. I seriously doubt that FOX has the ability to restrict recordings or any reason to do so other than to force you to watch their commericals.

I post the results of my future recording of the next game on the 28th. We'll be on a trip that day, returning on the 30. My wife will be PISSED if the game doesn't record.
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