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Default Unable to record NFL game in MY HOME

Here's the situation. Last week I setup the Seattle Seahawk game to record in my own home. When we returned home later that day, the game DIDN'T get record!!! I though maybe I screwed something up.

This week I had the Seahawk-Raider game set to record. We got back home around halftime and cranked the set up to watch the ENTIRE game. That was not to be. Instead we were only able to watch live action starting with the 2nd half of the game.

I then looked at the onscreen guide and it show the red recording circle with a line slashed throught it (I assume to tell me it wasn't recording).

After the game, I called DTV to find out what was going on. I got a tech from maybe Asia who seemed to have a good command of English. He said the NFL was restricting DTV from supporting recording of NFL games. First time I ever heard of this? Anyone else experiencing this.
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