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What is HD?

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Default Verizon Fios picture quality really better than Comcast Xfinity?

I've got a full LED backlit 240 HZ Vizio 55" TV and just switched to Verizon from Comcast. All reviews I've read say Fios TV is better, but I swear the pic was better (sharper with virtually no motion blur) with the Xfinity service. I notice this across all channels, the 1080 as well as 720. Especially the 720 networks seem better on Comcast.
How is this possible?? Anything to do with compression? I live in Harrisburg PA area. I'm seriously thinking about switching back to Comcast...
PS- Fios internet is also rated faster, but my wireless Fios connection (download) tests consistently slower than Xfinity- about 180MBPS vs 300MBPS for Xfinity. Fios upload is faster, but this is less important to me - just sayin' in case it's relevant...

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