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I 2nd the fact WarEagle had an outstanding week and I love the challenge that you guys bring every year I know I almost was too late to start it but I was just so busy but I wouldn't trade this little group as far as picking college games and talk in a little college football on here for any other I truly enjoy every season no matter what my teams do this makes it even better.

lsivest I really like how Colorado is played as with you rooting for them and I never really had a team out west that I cared for and then about 5 or 6 years ago they had a WR that was on my college fantasy team that got me watching them and you talking about them here they just kind of become the one West Coast team I rooted for ever since and tried to follow the best I could and I think this year they've got a legitimate shot at the Pac-12 looking at their schedule I think their toughest trial will be 2 weeks in a row @USC and then @Washington they can come through that unscathed it would be huge!

Auburn has look good also that went over Washington big win this week as they stomped at team which is what they should have done their biggest hurdle is playing Georgia and Alabama away from home. Unless that Auburn/Alabama game is played on a neutral field I don't know, I just know it's a big game every year and I would love to see Auburn win the SEC.

My Buckeyes will get a test this week cuz they play TCU I don't think they have that bad of a defense as Bosa is considered the number one all around defensive player in the nation but I'm curious to see how this offense will play against what should be a decent defense as far as I know. And I'm curious to see how they'll play in a big game early with Urban Meyer not allowed on the field.

Will be a great season no matter what!
And good luck to you guys also with the pics and of course all the teams you like to root for I know lsilvest that you root for Air Force also not sure if there's anybody else. But WarEagle do you root for anybody besides Auburn, or is it just Auburn?

I root Ohio state but I also like to root for Notre Dame and of course any of these Greater Cincinnati teams mainly Cincinnati and UK.
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