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Originally Posted by awol View Post
Just got my 8600K installed over the weekend. 16GB RAM and a 1070. I would install it on my SSD. The only thing is I don't know if I'll be able to find a ROM now since they cracked the whip.
Your crack the whip comment made me curious and I discovered the Wii U usb was discontinued. My old 1.5 tb legacy HDD (one of several in my pc) that had all my wii U content died a little while ago. It was nearly 15 yrs old so got my use out of it. Reddit and google indicate there are some alternates and a fix if you are willing to poke around a bit and make adjustments. I had rwally enjoyed the latest Donkey Kong Country, Yoshi adventure and Mariokart 8 so well worth it if you really want to play.

Last I had played BOTW with a i5 4690k (no custom overclock), 1070 16gb ram and the mod JR told me about I could run locked at 30 FPS
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