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Originally Posted by marcallo View Post
I work a 50+ hour week, but I try to make sure I get in an hour or two of gaming every single night. It makes me happy. That's why I bought the gaming laptop. I don't want to disappear on my family, but I still want to be able to play games. Plus now that my daughter is getting older we play things together sometimes. So long as it isn't an oversexed murder simulator. Which, most things I play aren't. I'm still not sure if I'll let her watch RDR2 when it comes out. But Horizon Zero Dawn has been great, as has this game.
Oh I have plenty of time to play games, I just always play the same game. Played Destiny for a good 2.5 years straight with very few games in between, then had the full summer of '17 with no Destiny and I caught up on other games. Then fall of '17, D2 came out, hated it, switched to Fortnite, and have played Fortnite almost every night. No time for *other* games
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