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Originally Posted by Redmed View Post
I also use the Magnifier which may be helpful to your wife. But I suspect you already know about it.
Yes I do, but the problem she has is a lack of peripheral vision which makes it difficult for her to see the magnifier icon on the screen. She only uses the remote control and trying to make that work is not been possible so far to move it around the screen. I think it could be helpful if she had a touch screen, but I don't want to spend that money.

What is great is the Recorded Shows menu is black with white lettering as contrast is what she needs to read the screen.

Also some of the visual aids from third parties do not work well with WMC.

However I've set it up so I can switch my TV to her WMC and use my keyboard mouse to make changes that she can't accomplish like setting up new series records when she only wants new shows.

Thanks for the info on setting up the tuners.
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