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Default How Do You Rate ATT U-Verse?

I rate them a 10!

We had ATT installed in 2-11-10 for U450, internet, and phone.

ATT came to the house in 2015, as had internet connection issues. The tech noticed we had outdated equipment and installed an all WIRELESS system at no charge. Perfect!

March of 2018, I talked to our local ATT U-Verse Regional Manager, located in our city, and was getting no sound from one of three TV's. I explained what I did to trouble shoot, by trying one of the other DVR's. One of his techs was at our house in a couple hours to install the new DVR. Now, is that service!

Since 2012, I have had one year verbal contracts with my package price going up from $165/mo to today's $190 with Tax included or 13% in approx. 7 years. Oct 2017, I am locked in with that price for 2 years. U450, 45Mbps Internet, + phone[land line]

We have had only 2 interruptions of service since 2010. Yes, we have had Directv and Charter/Spectrum with NUMEROUS issues in past years. How has been your ATT performance?
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