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Default 4K&LG,At Wal-Mart yesterday!!!

Originally Posted by Lee Stewart View Post
8K OLED Two Years Behind 8K LCD, Claims Analyst

As I reported earlier this week, Samsung has revealed that it’s going to launch its first 8K TVs on the global market as soon as September this year. According to analyst Bob O’Brien of Display Supply Chain, though, we’re likely going to have to wait much longer than that for 8K OLED TVs to arrive in any significant numbers.

During a presentation provided to the Quantum Dot And Advanced Display Technologies Summit in Los Angeles this week, O’Brien stated that OLED manufacturing capacity for big screens - 65 and 75 inches - is lagging substantially behind the LCD manufacturing capacity for such large screens. And since the introduction of 8K is going to be focused around these larger screen sizes, LCD thus has a substantial head start in bringing 8K TVs - especially remotely affordable 8K TVs - to market.

In fact, during the presentation of O’Brien’s analysis, it was suggested that OLED is as much as two years behind LCD in producing real-world 8K TVs. And that even when the first 8K OLED TVs appear, 8K OLED production capacity will be far behind that of 8K LCD.
I have some thing too bring up about LG,4k&ATSC and for year's know
Lg is ATSC certified with the Fcc, and I thought that lg won t offer,4K&03,for a few years,IT'S funney how they are all BS,the consumer,that the old LG doesn't have the technology of 4k,and so On
For a few years?but I tack a look AT,LG,tv's in wal Mart in ct,state
And it has a Gold sticker that ses 4K and the fcc say that you don't have to buy new tv's ?
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