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Originally Posted by stedgano View Post
Just a quick bit about myself. Dumped cable about a week ago. Experimenting with different streaming services. But want a strong go to. I have ordered the Mohu Sky 60 TV Antenna. I got it for a cheap price. Just looking for ideas on what everyone is doing. Thanks
Good luck with your antenna, that's something I'm not very up on as I'm fortunate enough to live virtually under the city's antenna farm. It's right up on a mountain in front of us.

As for streaming services, we have a house full of Roku's so I signed up for the Sling TV service. It seems to be the best of all of them... right now. You get 30 channels for $20 a month or 40 channels for $25 a month and a DVR for $5 extra a month which can hold up to 50 programs for 30 days. It suits us fine.

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