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It's the Antenna!

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The database used by TVFool has some errors, so your report might not be exactly correct. This is an image of a zip code report for your area:

a report from, based on the zip code location, shows the missing WFLX Fox:

Most of your important channels come from the SSW, but ABC comes from the NNW; this creates a problem.

NBC and CBS are VHF-High, and are weaker than the rest of your desired channels.

Your antenna does cover VHF-High, but it only has a rod dipole that doesn't have much gain. The description for your antenna does state VHF-High coverage, but the amp doesn't compensate for the low gain of the dipole for weak signals.

Have you tried both positions of the gain switch?

The suggestion by rbinck to find a hot spot for the signals on your property before permanent mounting is very good advice. I'm worried about the trees, they can block TV signals.

You might need an antenna with more gain for VHF-High, but test with what you have now.

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