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Originally Posted by DynomiteDave View Post
Jim (I'm guessing that's your name from the screen profile), for the response. I can't mount the antenna much lower because; A). it's only a single story house and the roof pitch is fairly shallow (built in 1964). B). Got a neighbors house 12 feet away to the west of me and an abundance of trees and palms to the north and south between us. The antenna i bought can be wall mounted or mounted on a pole. I would have mounted it further out on a pole if it came with aa pole, but..... I'm looking at some on amazon right now. The soffit on my gable overhangs 18", so I am trying to find a longish one (18-20") to get it out from under the roof overhang and hopefully obstructions. I thought about trying to mount it to the fascia board on the roof, but the metal overhang from the roof material covers about 2/3 of it up, and I don't want to drill into that and possible create a place for water to weep in.
Do you know much about the antenna I bought? Good or bad? I'd be happy to return it and get a different one if it is most likely not going to fit my needs.
Here is a suggestion. Get a telescoping pole to mount your antenna on so you can move it around with the antenna mounted at least 3 feet above the roof. Try several different locations without attaching the antenna to the house. May require a friend to hold the pole while you check the reception. I had a friend who use one of those basketball mounts to attach a pole to for testing. Once the optimum location and height is found, then you can decide how best to mount it. Even if you don't end up using this antenna, the pole can be used for whatever antenna you end up with.

With your roof construction and the eves situation, your best bet may be to run a pole from ground level attaching it in the ground and the edge of the eve once you find the best location.

From what I read on that antenna it does have VHF high in the specs, but less gain than the UHF. Amazon ad says it has a 30 day window to return, so by then you should have an idea if it will work for you. Most omni directional antennas only work when you are very close to the station antennas.

Also you can not use the miles advertised as they are mostly bogus. There is no industry standard for this specification and miles are just a marketing ploy term.
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