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My plasma is High Def.

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Jim (I'm guessing that's your name from the screen profile), for the response. I can't mount the antenna much lower because; A). it's only a single story house and the roof pitch is fairly shallow (built in 1964). B). Got a neighbors house 12 feet away to the west of me and an abundance of trees and palms to the north and south between us. The antenna i bought can be wall mounted or mounted on a pole. I would have mounted it further out on a pole if it came with aa pole, but..... I'm looking at some on amazon right now. The soffit on my gable overhangs 18", so I am trying to find a longish one (18-20") to get it out from under the roof overhang and hopefully obstructions. I thought about trying to mount it to the fascia board on the roof, but the metal overhang from the roof material covers about 2/3 of it up, and I don't want to drill into that and possible create a place for water to weep in.
Do you know much about the antenna I bought? Good or bad? I'd be happy to return it and get a different one if it is most likely not going to fit my needs.
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