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How can anyone watch standard def?
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Default CRT TV's? try a museum

The obvious question is WHY would anybody want a bulky, heavy, SD device that doesn't have HDMI?
But, setting that aside...
If a CRT television was hard to find in 2012, a museum might be a good place to look now.
About 18 years ago, I had to take a 45" Mitsubishi rear projection TV to the dump because I couldn't find a red projector for it. I actually cried when it slammed into the pile. It was only 9 years old and $2250 was a ton of money at the time.

Last year, I took a perfectly working 35" Toshiba TV to the dump.
Then I had to smash up the furniture that was built to hold it.
Last week, I took a perfectly working 27" Magnavox to the dump.
Next week, I'll be doing the same thing with a 27" Sansui.
Nobody wants them. and I fully understand why.
If I am wrong, and somebody wants the Sansui, you know how to contact me.
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