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It's the Antenna!

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Default Antennas for VHF-Low, real RF channels 2-6

Originally Posted by Hdb91xg View Post
Well I can not believe in this day in history no antenna manufactures
Are not going to make a low VHF channels 2to6.Antenna
They CAN make an antenna just for VHF-Low 2-6, but they are NOT going to do it unless they can make $MONEY$ on it.
it seems that if no one make's ANTENNAs
Then you have no choice but to pay for CABLE or satellite tv
You do have a choice, you can use an antenna that covers all three TV bands: VHF-Low, VHF-High, and UHF.

For strong signal areas, you can use the Winegard HD7000R:

or the RCA ANT3037XR with Low-Band add-on kit:

or the Channel Master CM-3016:

for weak signal areas, you can use the Winegard HD8200U:

or the Channel Master CM-3020:

or the Channel Master CM-5020:

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