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It's the Antenna!

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Originally Posted by bimfi View Post
My plan is, or was, to set up an antenna in my attic. I'm not too keen on climbing on top of my two story roof, especially at my age. If I must do so, I will probably hire someone to do this.
Try the attic first; it has a good chance of working. Do you have a TV with a signal strength indicator that well let you know how weak a signal can be but still be received?
Anyway, will the length of coax needed to go from the antenna to the outside box degrade the signal, or will the pre-amp or amp fix this problem?
Yes there will be a signal loss in the coax to the box, but your signals are quite strong. A preamp at the antenna would make the signals stronger BEFORE the coax loss, but it would need to have power before the splitter, or have a special power passing splitter which is a complication unless you have AC power in the attic.
I'm thinking that I either place the antenna on the roof or in the attic, then run the cable into the attic and have all the connections and power necessary in one place. Then run the coax to the end of the house and drop it down the outside of the house to the cable box.
That has a good chance of working with an attic antenna.

If you have a problem, come back here to this same thread.
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