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It's the Antenna!

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Your TVFool report does not show WCSC CBS because they are using a defective database to generate reports, but it does show on a report from

Most of your channels are on UHF (real channels 14-51), but WITV PBS is on VHF-High (real channels 7-13), so you will need a UHF/VHF combo antenna like the Winegard HD7694P. Try it in the attic first.

Interestingly, WITV will be moving to UHF channel 24 in phase 10 of the FCC UHF Repack:

These are the changes in your area:

You will need to rescan your tuner.

If the antenna is outside, the coax shield should be grounded with a grounding block that is connected to the house electrical system ground with 10 gauge copper wire for electrical safety and to reject interference. For further compliance with the electrical code (NEC), the mast should also be grounded in a similar manner to drain any buildup of static charge which will tend to discourage a strike, but the system will not survive a direct strike.

Since your signals are strong, check the reception with just one TV. Next add a splitter. If the signals are too weak after splitting, add a single output distribution amp like the Channel Master 3410 before the splitter, or replace the splitter with a distribution amp with more than one output like the 3414 which has 4 outputs.

If the signals are still too weak because of attic loss, you will need a preamp at the antenna, and its power inserter down below, followed by the splitter.

The last resort would be to mount the antenna outside, but I don't think you will need to do that unless there is a signal loss I'm not aware of.
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