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I've been holding out some important information on all of you. It's been killing me to keep this secret, but I was on a gag order and just got the moratorium lifted.

I have the HU80KA engineering production unit in our theater demo room for the past two weeks! I been watching 4K UHD/HDR Netflix, Amazon, Youtube and 4K UHD/HDR BDs. Here's the link to our dedicated HU80KA page.

Love the built-in webOS 3.5, the OTA and QAM tuners, Wi FI and Bluetooth wireless speaker links, love the 2,500fL laser light output for very pleasing HDR performance.

For now I'll just give my one word review "Awesome, amazing, spectacular, breathtaking, price/performance King of HDR projection" Sorry I could not help myself. It's easy to see how Projector Central gave this a 5 star review in every category and made it the "Editor's Choice"

Here's a few cell phone pics:

Next week I'll be taking CMS and luminance measurements.
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