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Originally Posted by Hdb91xg View Post
Hello se v b&t don't sell them no more I think it's becuse the db is too low.
And noise was too hi 3.4 I think that is why they stop making them!!!

Well sev& Rabit the mast mount amp. that I can get to day noise is 3.2 and
They are like the old channel master amp. but you can adjust the the vhf 10/30
And the uhf 10/45,noise,3.2 and 24volts for $50dollars or vhf uhf uhf at 45:db
That you can adjust all 3 of them separately nice for stacking 2/91xg.and your

There is no mention of the any of the Galaxy's being adjustable that I have seen in any of the specs thus far.

The noise was high. Up to 5 db.

The plus series had a VHF gain of 31 and a UHF gain of up to 38.

So the problem was not with low gain.
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