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Originally Posted by rabbit73 View Post
Blonder Tongue GALAXY III Series INFO
From Google Stark Eletronic cache

The GALAXY III Series includes high performance, consumer quality, antenna preamplifiers. These units are designed to mount on the antenna mast and are ideal for home use. The GALAXYIII Series features a modern design, a high impact polypropylene case and simplified mounting. A compact indoor transformer and power added are included with all models. Many models are available, including units for VHF, UHF combined UHF/VHF, 300 or 75 ohm outputs, and units with dual 75 ohm outputs. Each preamplifier is individually packaged in a display box and includes complete mast mounting hardware.
The GALAXY III PLUS Series includes high performance, consumer quality, antenna pre-amplifiers. These units are designed with a two unit amplifier, consisting of a low noise, mast-mounted preamplifier and a high output, indoor, post amplifier power supply. This arrangement allows each component to be optimized for its particular function and results in the best possible system performance. The GALAXY III Series feature lightning and surge protection and include complete mast mounting hardware.
N O T E :
The GALAXYIII and GALAXYIII PLUS Series preamplifiers employ a cut-off filter at the low band input to reduce interference from strong local FM transmitters. This approach deliberately reduces the FM band gain therefore, the GALAXY III and GALAXY III PLUS Series will pass FM for most stations, but will not be suitable for weak signal FM.


Google search
Blonder Tongue Galaxy III Plus Series

Blonder Tongue Galaxy III Plus Series Stark Electronics
click on Cached in drop down menu after link
Thanks Rabbit.
All the Stark links appear to be dead.
The google cache is the most information I have seen so far.
I found those manuals already.

However still no info on whether the mast mount of the standard and plus models are different.
The wording in what you posted does not specify a difference. It almost indicates that they are the same.
The power supplies are distinctly different even though they have the same specs on voltage and amps.
I am thinking based on what you posted it is possible that the plus power supply is what brings up the db's.

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