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Yes lol Tvantnna Man me too I just wanted sev not too feel left
And I have run into amp that are one vhf in at 10too 30:dbi&one uhf,in 10too45:dbi and one out too tv 24,Volta's noise is 3dbi. or one vhf in 10/30dbi
and two uhf in at 10/45dbi,and one out to tv 24,Volta's,
And 1/2 the price of a channel master amp .and the performance is out of this world lol. so I have a friend who live in Springfield Massachusetts hoo wanted too
Use 2 winegerd's so I used the amp with the one vhf&the 2uhf at45:dbg, 90ft hi.
And I put an AGL,on them of 45,wtnh,channel,8 of Ct state and 69.1 and low band
Vhf in New York state 145miles away 95,signal strength hevey rain or snow and
no problem with loosing channel's with no balun.And till this day the guy is happy
Is a pig in shit,lol lol with RG,11 CABLE IT'S been 7months and no problem's.
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