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Default Looking to Run Away

I am extremely cost conscious and I have been with FIOS for 7+years.

Naturally my costs have gone up markedly over the $153 or so.
This seems a little more than I like for the "Triple Play." I do $20 more for Netflix.

So I find the $29.95 x 3 of Spectrum (Time Warner) appealing.

Can someone help me? THat $90 bill seems appealing. I checked further and found I would need $20 extra for a tolerable TV package, aka the SILVER plan.

So then they advertise "DVR SERVICE included" so what does that mean? I need to RENT a DVR, right? How Much? WHat about service to my bedroom TV? Another DVR or an ancillary much. How much will I REALLY pay?
What are the "extras.?"

All help will be nominated by me, to the extent of my power, for a NOBEL PRIZE.

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