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Originally Posted by PontiacMike View Post
Lee, was this available this way, or did the owner just choose to leave the hubcaps off?

Option 1: Order G60x15 RWL tires only - came with body colored painted wheels and chrome lug nuts

Option 2: Order hubcaps and trim rings for 15" wheels - wheels painted Black - RPO: W12

Option 3: Order 15" Rallye Wheels - RPO: W21

The above three options apply to the Charger R/T and Charger Super Bee. Dodge did not offer wheel covers if you ordered the G60x15" RWL tires. Like the Magnum 500 "Road Wheels" wheel covers only came in 14".

Chrysler was in very bad financial shape by the 1971 model year. They were doing anything they could to save a buck and try to get more money from their customers. It was cheaper to include chrome lug nuts than it was to include hubcaps. And you couldn't order just hubcaps either.

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