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Default Sound Bar Options

We moved to a new house, and my new living room isn't ideal for an easy surround HT install. New speakers will have to be purchased for in-wall installation, and everything will be running out of a closet that will have to be wired etc. This is a project I'm not prepared to take on right now.

Does anyone have experience with quality sound bars? I know they won't be as good as a true HT surround system, but I'm hoping to get something that is at least significantly better than the TV's speakers. Especially to get more bass output.

I currently have an Onkyo AVR handling switching for a gaming/media PC, my U-verse STB, and my Blu-Ray player. Right now, it's all HDMI to the TV, but if I understand correctly, I would be able to use an optical cable to run from the TV to the sound bar?

Budget is as high as $400.
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