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Originally Posted by WestDC View Post
Everything will be fine -until you cancel your service -then the billing nightmare will start - as in After canceling you will still get a bill for amount due that no one will be able to resolve.

Plenty of examples on the AT&T site and others of the pain and collection calls.
I've NEVER had a problem with ATT. Re their wireless phone service, ANY problems were resolved to my satisfaction with one phone call. Once I accidentally exceeded my data plan in Europe by a couple hundred bucks and they wiped the charge out completely. Re DTV, I've canceled it a couple times in the past WITHOUT any problems either.

I've seen some of the reports you refer to and suspect the complainers were shading the truth a bit with their rants. ATT benefits keep increasing while their charges decrease as ATT matches other wireless plans. My only trouble with DTV is their blackout of PAC12 which I only want during football season. I've solved that problem as well by using Sling for a couple of months.

So, put me in the NOT WORRIED about ATT/DTV.
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