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Default Monster Cable Studio Pro 1000 Instrument / M1000i Cable (Custom cables available)

This listing is for 1 pair (2 cables total) of Monster Cable Prolink Studio Pro 1000 Instrument Cable, 1 meter long with male RCA connectors at all ends. The Studio Pro 1000 is the professional version of the M1000i cable. I have included reference specs from Monster Cable that shows the construction of both the Pro 1000 and the M1000i. I have also included pictures of both an M1000i and Pro 1000 cable, side by side, cut and stripped at various stages, to verify that they are almost the same. Or, you could do like I did and just call Monster Tech support to ask them! They told me the Pro 1000 was a better cable. But, I went ahead and cut up some cables just to see for myself.

I can make any length cable you need with options for lifted ground if requested. If you have special ends (Cardas, GLS, Palic, etc.) let me know. If you need XLR, TRS or 1/4, I stock Neutrik ends. All connections soldered with Cardas Quad Eutectic Silver Solder. The cable measures 9.5mm dia. If you are choosing an end other than what I stock, make sure it can accommodate such a large cable.

I'm not a commercial business. I picked up a load of cable and ends from an audio shop liquidation. I'm making my own cables and selling off the rest.

$50.00 for 1 meter pair of cables plus $5.00 shipping ConUS
Paypal or if you're local (S.F. Bay Area) pick-up is OK.

From the pictures of the cables being cut:

-The Pro 1000 advertises 97% copper shield coverage vs. 95% on the M1000i.

-The diameter of the shield on the Pro 1000 is larger and further away from the conductors than on the M1000i.

-There is an additional layer of dielectric insulation between the conductors and shield on the Pro 1000 that is not present on the M1000i.

-Both have the multi-gauge, 3 Way Time Corrected Windings. If you look at the pictures, it looks like the Pro 1000 has the same gauge strands for the high and mid windings. This is not the case. The M1000i has stranded wires side by side for the high windings, the Pro 1000 has the same gauge strands but they are twisted together into several "bundles" which in turn are then twisted around each other giving the impression the windings are thicker gauge wire.

-Both cables are directional and have signal flow arrows on the cables. Both have the shield soldered at the source end and lifted at the other end.

-Both cables are the same diameter. Both seem to have the same "flex" quality. Neither seems to be stiffer.
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