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Default Easiest Way to Recover Deleted Excel Files from Android

What cause deleted excel files? Most common reason as follow: deleted accidentally, reformat set and so on.
Your files can be recovered because when you delete a file, it is not completely erased from your device. It still exists on the deviceís internal memory allowing you or someone else to recover the files using recovery software.
The reason why these files are not completely erased from your deviceís storage after you delete them is very simple. It is very easy and less time consuming for your device to delete a fileís pointer and make its space as available. It is however very difficult and time consuming for the device to completely overwrite the data. Therefore Android and other systems opt for the easily and fast deletion of the fileís pointer rather than deleting the file itself.
If you want to completely erase the file, a file-shredding tool is useful. Letís Fonedog Data Recovery to recover deleted files with some easy steps.
Step1: Download and Launch Fonedog.
Step2: Select file you want to recover to scan.
Step3: Recover deleted excel files from your Android.
More Info: Easiest Way to Recover Deleted Excel Files from Android
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