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Update: On my monthly ATT billing it has,"Two Year." It expires 9-19 and will wait a year and see if they will renegotiate.

I did save $20.00 a month on billing for U450, Internet, and phone. Total new monthly billing is $189.00 incl tax, for everything on 3 TVs and DVRs.

What I like is everything is Wireless!
COMPONENTS:TCL 55P605 4K UHD HDR, Vizio 50" HD, LG 32", Pioneer DVDR, 3 ATT Wireless DVR's, Sony DVD, Logitech Harmony 650.
AVR: 2015 DENON AVR-S910W 7.2, 4K Ultra HD, Atmos, Upscaling, Bluetooth & Wi-Fi
Klipsch: CTR: R-25C, L/R: R-15M, Surround: JBL E-10's
Subwoofer: Yamaha YST-SW215
Cable: ATT WIRELESS U-verse U450 pkg + [email protected] + Phone [2yr Price Agreement]

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