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I have Logitech's Harmony 650 that operates my Toshiba DVDR, Sony DVD, TCL TV, ATT DVR, and Denon AVR. The Harmony is easy to set up via their website and program for your specific electronics. It is available at Best Buy. I have been using mine for about 3 years.
COMPONENTS:TCL 55P605 4K UHD HDR, Vizio 50" HD, LG 32", Pioneer DVDR, 3 ATT Wireless DVR's, Sony DVD, Logitech Harmony 650.
AVR: 2015 DENON AVR-S910W 7.2, 4K Ultra HD, Atmos, Upscaling, Bluetooth & Wi-Fi
Klipsch: CTR: R-25C, L/R: R-15M, Surround: JBL E-10's
Subwoofer: Yamaha YST-SW215
Cable: ATT WIRELESS U-verse U450 pkg + [email protected] + Phone [2yr Price Agreement]

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