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Default Switching Cable/TV Providers - Negotiating

We have had ATT U-verse U450 with 45Mbps internet and phone for 6 years, with 3 DVRs. My current years contract pricing is $186.00/mo w/o taxes.

I called Charter/Spectrum the other day and they quoted me $165.00/mo for the exact identical or Gold package. Plus, they will lock the pricing in for 3 years. I went ahead and scheduled installation for February 27th with charges waived. The Internet speed will be 60Mbps, which both laptops have wireless cards for faster speeds.

Tomorrow, I will be talking to the ATT rep in Chicago, to adjust my current verbal annual contract pricing to $160.00/mo. Also, to have them lock in the pricing for 3 years. We will see how it goes. If they come close or meet me 1/2 way, I'll stay with ATT. The three years will be the breaker, if they don't agree.

It will be a hassle to return the ATT wireless Gateway box along with the 3 wireless DVR's. A complete ATT wireless system is nice, which was converted in 2015 as an upgrade at no charge.

We had Directv for a number of years, which is now owned by ATT. No thanks to having dish living in Wisconsin......long story short. Perhaps improvements have been made??
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