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Default DTV's app service...iPhone, iPad and MBA

Coming from Dish and “Dishanywhere”, the Directv app seems to be a pale comparison to Dish for remote viewing on my devices. I can very seldom watch anything in my home on my iPad, iPhone or MacBook Air without extreme buffering. When I first connect it up, NO channels show below channel 200, so no locals.

Sometimes something “switches” and then channels 2-200 show up intermittently on my remote devices.

I switched primarily because I have a 4K set and thought I would catch some limited DTV 4K. That’s been a waste of time and the only 4K content I see are on NetFlix, Amazon Prime and youtube.

I still have 18 months to go on the current contract and then I’m out of here and back to Dish or perhaps a true streamer like Comcast.

To be fair, I have NO problem with DTV feeding my TV and DVR the old fashion way (directly to my flatscreen.)

DTV (apps) are just not ready for prime time IMHO.
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