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My plasma is High Def.

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Default please help with surrond sound

Hello,I am very new to surround sound and this is my first time writing on a forum so forgive my future lack of knowledge. I have Logitech Z906 and they havent been doing their part that much beacuse my laptop can only do stereo. So my friend got me a soundcard as a gift and he bought me the Asus Xonar u7.
After countless hours of connecting and searching the web i had to go buy a spdif coaxial cable,i got that and managed to connect the soundcard to the speakers subwoofer,but in my control panel and in my Asus software it says that it's only 2.1 stereo and i cant change it to 5.1 Plus i tried watching something on Netflix and then the suond was 5.1,but only netflix and one audio program.My question is,is there any other way to connect my speakers to my soundcard that gets real 5.1,i tried the 3.5 mm and everything looks good but no sound coming out. I really dont know what to do if anyone can explain in detail i would be very thankful,i got all this and cant use it,sucks,been trying for a couple of days now.THANK YOU
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