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Default Speaker Placement Help

Hi. I just bought a new house and plan to set up 5.1 surround in the living room. I can't embed it but here's a stock photo from the stager prior to me moving in: i67 DOT tinypic DOT com/290wkfd.jpg

The TV is larger and will be wall-mounted in approximately the same spot. So I know center channel is mounted right above or right below and technically the front left and right will go beside (floor standing). Rear surround is the issue. I can wall mount the bookshelf to the right above the window and below the ceiling. But the left is much farther left than the front left. Should I just mount it along the wall and use the receiver settings to accommodate or should I move the left standing speaker farther left so they run parallel? I'm not sure which will be better given the circumstances. Any guidance would be greatly appreciated.
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