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Default Dead DTV this morning...

My DTV system equipment is a HR 54/500 unit along with a C61K-700 Jenie. This morning I turned on my flat screen only to see a blank screen. While I'm not sure, I think the lights on the C61K-700 were on. After several attempts to wake it up, I went downstairs to another unit that is fed by an HR 54/500. Same problem with that receiver as well.

I then unplugged the the HR 54/500 and then rebooted it. Within a few minutes, I started seeing the bootup "gas guage" moving. While I didn't time it, the process took several minutes before I recovered full use of the unit.

Next I went upstairs and the C61K-700 was still dead. Unplugging and replugging started the boot process again, also taking a long time. Once it booted back up, everything was normal. My new DTV installation was about 90 days ago and this is the first time this has happened.

Wondering if I'm going to see this problem again? In trying to find something out about the system, I was tooling around the 'net and saw a "Solid Signal" ad for a C61k-700 for $99. Wondering why someone would buy one of these units since it's part of the installation package. Would one of these units connect with my present system on another TV?
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