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Originally Posted by Gristle McT View Post
Here's one reason: To keep you as a subscriber.
And why would they care about giving you free Sunday Ticket? If you're going to jump ship over the issue, where are you going to go to get free/reduced rate Sunday Ticket. Only DTV has it.

What you can do is dump DTV for 2 years plus a day and then resubscribe and maybe get free Sunday Ticket for one year. Then again, maybe DTV will no longer have the package.

They pay big money and if they start discounting it for you, they're going to have do the same for everyone who reads this blog.

Then again, this is the age of free stuff everyone, especially me (you). How about free Social Security starting at 50. Hey, wait a minute, that's not fair for the 40ish crowd. If Hillary can give free college, why not free Sunday Ticket (at least for me).

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