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Arrow Nanosys Sheds Light On Next-Gen Quantum Dot Displays

Nanosys Sheds Light On Next-Gen Quantum Dot Displays

Samsung in association with partner Nanosys from Milpitas, Calif. is looking to reshape our image of television using nano-scale particles, called quantum dots, to produce new ranges of color and brightness.

Recently, Samsung revealed it has been working in association with Nanosys to develop what it expects to be the new future of television display technologies called QLED. This technology is essentially a hybrid between Samsung’s SUHD Quantum Dot 4K Ultra HD HDR LED LCD TVs and OLED technology, now marketed by LG Electronics and others.

With the new approach, pioneered by Samsung and Nanosys, quantum dots will be applied to a self-emissive inorganic LED light source to produce QLED displays that are brighter, more efficient and more color accurate than LED and OLED TVs. In addition, Samsung is working on technologies for ink-jet like printing of these quantum dot substances to help reduce production costs.

Nanosys is also working on a new quantum dot film technology due next year called Hyperion, which will enable LED TVs to reach 90 percent of the very wide color gamut Rec. 2020 standard.
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