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Default Atmos 7.2.4

Currently I am running a 7.2 system in my HT (Onkyo 805). I have been checking out the Denon x6200w with the thought of installing 4 in-ceiling speakers. The Denon is listed as a 9.2 channel A/V Receiver with 140W per channel with 11.2 channel processing. Even the Denon 7200 is listed as a 9.2 with 11.2 channel processing. Obviously, 7+4 =11, so how does the 9 channel amp produce 11 channels?

I may just remove the rear surrounds and go with a 5.2.4 setup because the rear surround and rear height speakers would end up being fairly close together (except for the height factor of course).

My HT has a Panny 8000 PJ with a 12.5 ft throw and the seating is at 11.5 ft. with approximately 2 ft. back to the rear wall (14 ft long X 12.5 wide standard 8' ceiling).

Here are a couple of pics to give you a better idea of the room. One can see the PJ with the two silver rear surrounds and the left surround speaker. Both the L&R Surrounds and the L&R Rear Surrounds are fairly close to the ceiling presently. In the second pic, one can see the Left Front tower and Left sub. The center channel is just below the Sammy (61") flat screen in the short equipment rack. The projection screen (125") is retracted in this photo.

Any thoughts or anyone using Atmos?
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