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That is on my list of experiments. The Y10-7-13 has two driver elements. I also plan to put the three directors of my Y5-7-13 in front of my Y10-7-13 to see what kind of outdoor antenna I can cobble together. The 30-2476 is built on a 5/8" boom and the Y10-7-13 and Y5-7-13 are built on a 1" boom. I'd like to get my hands on a 16' 5/8"x2" aluminum rectangular tube for my attic to see what I can do using the tools I linked.

I'm working on my home, though, this summer since I have very good reception right now and need to make some repairs before I get the house sided. The next experiment will be to hang a sheet of fanfold insulation in front of my antenna to see if it attenuates the signal.
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