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Hi Wizwor when I saw what you have done when I first bought my 2#30-2476 for M C m one came damaged so m c m shipped me a new one and I was thinking of doing just what you did so the antenna is inside so what do you think if you add an other drive element to it do you think it will work I have seen vhf antennas have 2drive element's on them and what is the total length of the antenna is know and if I PUT together my antenna THE same way you did on a mast with rope in a v shape it should work and the antenna outdoors will work 10 times better than they did be for so for right now I have one hooked up at 40Ft with a Johnson amplifier vhf30B/uhf 40B with a 91XG 17channels with the vhf& uhf 29channels zip 01550 well know you have a real antenna that's cool so Wizwor know I have a Question about the modified,DB8 so with the experience of these antennas do you think that the DB8 IS better than the 91XG and having them stack and will the stacked DB8,s out do the stacked 91XG and the mod u did on the DB8 IS o's m well thanks for sharing your picturers with everyone and have a good day

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