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Default Extended 30-2476

Originally Posted by wizwor View Post
Before putting in that much effort, I simply removed one director from a couple front halves and joined two fronts to a complete 30-2476 This worked well and I abandoned plans to drill.

I suggest you go with a little trial and error before designing from scratch.

I like your idea and almost did the same. I thought of that because I saw at MCM that the price of the 30-2476 was only 31.50 on a quantity of 4 or more. That and a first time shopper discount of 10% would have been 113 + shipping, not a bad deal for 4 antennas.

Some questions came to mind.

What was the actual length when finished?

Did it seem too flimsy for an outdoor mast mount, did it appear wind worthy?

Since yours was an attic mount, wind worthiness wasn't an issue. I am absolutely sure with a little reinforcement, it could do well.

Since the Antenna Craft big VHF antennas are not to be found, what other choice do we have ?

I am like you, I don't have any special equipment and have to rely solely on my TV signal meter. Trial and error takes too much time, so what you did here (and shared) is excellent.

I think you hit on something here!

Thanks, Chiwaukee
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