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Default Recorded Music for Handheld Players

I have a lot of music on my computers that I have recorded over the years from records and tapes and from the internet. All are from the 40's, 50's and 60's. I play them from music players and they are organized by names of artists, songs and types of songs. The players list songs by the names of artists, names of songs, albums, genres. I really didn't put any of them in there by albums as they were really mostly by individual songs. Some were from albums but a lot of songs in albums weren't ones I really wanted in my collection. I have them set up by groups which the players (even on computers) treat as genres, like country, pop, rock'n roll, folk, rock, etc. So, now that I am going through all of them and trying to get them all coded properly so I don't have to have file folders I would like to have suggestions if I should have albums or just leave that category out and just have genres?
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